Failed To Mount when attempting to attach file using Email Sender

I have several pipelines that use the Email Sender to attach a document to the email. These are all failing now with the error saying that “Mount failed due to logon failure or bad credentials:” This just stopped working as of 5/13. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi @doug.fossler,

It looks like the credentials that you are using in the Email Account(in SnapLogic) is not longer valid.


Nope credentials are fine, it will send the email without an attachment. I can also navigate to the location where the attachment is with the credentials.

Interesting twist, if I include “route error data to error view” then the pipeline will complete. It sends a complete email including the attachment, but still throws an error saying that:

"Failed to copy attachment ‘/path/test.csv’ to a temp file

Please address reported issue.

Mount failed due to logon failure or bad credentials:"