How to log the Raw request sent by HTTP Get snap to end point?

I have a HTTP GET snap to send requests to Zendesk API. But sporadically, it fails saying “REST API service endpoint returned error result: status code = 422, reason phrase = Unprocessable Entity, refer to the error_entity field in the error view document for more details

I would like to trouble shoot this further and want to log the actual raw request that is sent by REST GET snap to the end point. How do I do this? I looked at the Get snap documentation but didn’t find anything.

Can someone help me on this?

EDIT: I added error view for the HTTP GET snap and logging the output to a file. I am guessing this might give more details when it fails the next time.

Deter, I have a very similar enhancement request out to SnapLogic with ticket #21911 from December 2017 and community post from July 2017 Enhancement Request - UI capability to inspect communication request payloads. I haven’t followed up for any ETC.

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Thanks. I replied to that post requesting consideration.

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I have used webhook testing sites like and self-hosted tools like to examine requests in detail.


Thanks @robin . I had also forgotten that you had suggested in the past at REST GET/Post should allow for conditional parameters and @akidave suggested the same at How to change default array document structure?. Neat tool that I just forgot about.

@robin Thanks for the reply.

My situation is that it is failing randomly and I don’t know what is causing it. I want to log each and every request and write to a log file so that when it fails next time, I will be able to look at what was the actual request sent.

These tools are useful when every request or scenario based requests are failing so that we know how to reproduce and catch the request. Thanks again!