Enhancement Request - UI capability to inspect communication request payloads

For troubleshooting purposes, I would like a simple means in the UI (at design time) to view the outbound request payload generated by snaps.

A couple of use-case examples:

  • Workday snaps convert JSON input into SOAP before consuming the Workday web services.
  • Database snaps convert JSON input into {x}SQL statements prior to communicating with the Database server.

When troubleshooting issues that are not easily discernible from the input data and/or any error responses, it would very helpful to be able to view the SOAP or SQL request payloads in the designer UI to more quickly resolve over trial-and-error.


Even if not in the UI, could (does it already exist?) this information be present in the “Pipeline Execution Runtime Logs” available under Pipeline section on the Dashboard area? [with consideration for sensitive data being persisted re transport-level things like passwords/HTTP headers etc - as Del says, its more about diagnosing/inspecting/debugging the data not the integration]

I agree that this would be most useful. We ran into this a few weeks ago with a Workday Snap. We were getting a Worker Image uploaded as an invalid file. After 2 days of beating my head against wall because everything looked correct and a 2 hour screen share with support looking a log files, we finally stumbled across the fact that we were inadvertently hashing a value that was already hashed. That would have been very easy to pick out if the XML payload for the Soap request had been available for viewing. Especially since I had manually updated a single image for my worker record using SoapUI so I knew exactly what the XML should look like.

We need the same thing!

Please consider this enhancement request.