Loading multiple zip files from S3 to data base


I am working on a scenario where I have multiple zip files from same S3 bucket location with file name as Upload* wildcard. I tried below snaps but it’s not working. Any tips?

Multi file reader → Binary to document → Mapper → Zip file reader
Directory browser → S3 file reader → binary to document - mapper → zip file reader

Kindly help.


Hey @amardeep2021,

Add your S3 bucket path to a Directory Browser, following a ZipFile Read snap with $Path added in the “File” field. Don’t forget to check the equal sign to enable expressions.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Bojan. I have tried the same. But, I don’t see the directory browser output in the zip file reader snap File field. Am I missing something? Please let me know.

Amar.Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 1.16.12 PM

Write down the $Path field even if it doesn’t show up in the input schema. It must be a glitch or something. Here’s the result:

It works! Thanks Bojan.