Pagination from JSON Path Has Next URL - Trustpilot


I am trying to call a rest get API with some pagination. The API returns the next page URL within the response, so i should be able to use this in the snap.

I am getting the value using JSON Path seen here in a mapper as an example:

I use this same JSON path in the Next URL:

Unfortunately, the snap does not call for the next page. I can only assume it sees the value as null?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

I believe the main issue is jsonPath is returning an array, so for Next URL you will need to index it with [0].

jsonPath($, "$entity.links[?(@.rel=='next-page')].href")[0]

And with it producing an array, a more appropriate Has next condition might be to check for the array length > 0. (Yet I suspect it will work as-is in this specific use case.)

jsonPath($, "$entity.links[?(@.rel=='next-page')].href").length > 0

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Amazing. Thanks Del that worked perfectly. I’ve marked as resolved,