Poll: SnapLogic Onboarding

Finish this sentence:

“When I first started using SnapLogic, the one thing that would have made getting up to speed easier is …?”

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the community :slight_smile:


… a broader spectrum of exemplary use cases for each snap / function.


@Henchway I’d love to know more. Are there certain Snaps (or type of Snap - application specific vs. common Snaps) that could use particular attention or there some common things across Snaps that could use more examples?

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More samples

@jmcmahon anything in particular?

How to think about loops and iteration in the context of snaplogic vs procedural code. The value of JSONPath.

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Hi Diane,

sorry for the late reply.
I don’t have a particular case at hand right now, but when using Snaps for the first time, i generally had the issue that i couldn’t immediately (or even over longer periods) figure out how to use them properly.

I do recall now, that i was having a hard time figuring out the Script snap, for which a broader range could definitely help.

Initially, I was also often struggling with the expression language, so i think a richer variety of examples could definitely help unimaginative people like me understand which kind of use cases could be covered.

Best regards