SQL Server - deadlocked issue

Hello All,

I create a pipeline to create a target table based on source table, the steps in the pipeline are: 1.DROP the target table if exists → 2.Create the table if not exists -->3. Modify some column length in the target table → 4.Read data from source table → 5. Mapper and then Bulk load to target table.

I do NOT think any of these steps would get table lock, however, when execute this pipeline from a parent pipeline, it will get deadlocked issue sometimes, and it will always success after 2nd or 3rd time re-run.

Anyone has idea about this?


Hi @Dai9210

Could you please create a support ticket for this. Deadlock issues often require combing through logs, checking versions of drivers, database, etc… We’ll likely need more information from you too. Support tickets also have better support and get dev cycles if necessary.