Teradata to Cloud Data warehouse : Teradata to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Teradata TPT FastExport Snap enables one to export large amounts of data out of Teradata very efficiently.

On the target side if you are moving data into the Azure SQL Data warehouse, use the Azure polybase bulkload. If you were to move data to Redshift, then use the Redshift Bulkload Snap.

Below is an example how you can configure the Teradata TPT fast export snap. The prerequisite is that you need to install the Teradata TPT utilities on every node of your Snaplex.

Snaps Used: TPT FastExport, File Reader, CSV Formatter, CSV Formatter, Pipeline Execute, Azure Polybase Bulkload


Teradata to Azure SQL Data Warehouse_2018_06_25.slp (10.0 KB)
This pattern also calls the Pattern described in Reference Pipeline : To get schema details for a Teradata Table