User created with incorrect privileges

I have created an user without disabling password based login for him. How can I edit it and disable the password based login so that he can login using SSO with SAML only?

As an admin…
Manager > Settings > Manage Password Logins.

I already tried that and disabled the password based login but still getting the below error while logging in:
“message”: “You must change password on the first login.”, “error_id”: 1017, “reset_code”: “2c366cbc-19f4-43ce-b292-fee6756489d5”}]}, “http_status”: “403 Forbidden”, “http_status_code”: 403

You may need to have the user create the completion of the basic auth (changing the password) before changing him over to an SSO user.

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Thank You for the response. Yes, that solved the issue.