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Ouath2 policy

Hi All,Need to setup Oauth2 policy but a client credential one using Snpalogic API Management. Please can someone help on how it needs to be done?thank you in advance

expose pipeline as API using APIM

Hi All,We want to expose a pipeline using Snaplogic internal APIM by applying oauth2 policyso that any user without access to snaplogic can also trigger that pipeline using the API url. But its not working.PFB the snapshots of error for your referenc...

yashasvit74_0-1708419969164.png yashasvit74_0-1708423755112.png

CORS policy error in APIM

Hello All,When we are trying to expose a pipeline as API using the Snaplogic API management by implementing the generic oauth2 policy & default CORS policy. We are getting the error in the API developer portal.I have attached the screenshots as well....

deepanshu_1_0-1708105618305.png deepanshu_1_1-1708105637410.png deepanshu_1_2-1708105656873.png

Generic Oauth2 with ADFS of organization

Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has experience with having MFA or Generic oauth2 https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1246924052/Generic+OAuth2What I am trying to do is that when consumers want to acces apis they first need to a...

Future of APIs?

I'm curious what the community thinks will be the most likely future of APIs will be.  Will it be all asynchronous APIs?GraphQL APIs?Will there be a place for REST APIs?What other things did I miss?  

dliu by Employee
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Thoughts on Composable Architecture?

I'm wondering if you any of you have heard about the Composable Architecture methodology? What are your thoughts on it?    Figure 1. Composable Architecture Composable architecture refers to a design approach where software systems are developed by ...

dliu by Employee
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