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Unable to delete 0kb file

Hi Community!!We are using a File Delete Snap in one of our pipelines and this operation is failing when there is a 0kb file coming in the source path. II wanted to understand if there is any limitation in Snaplogic on deletion of the file. "Unable t...

Irregular expressions

I'd like to say that I'm tearing my hair out, but I don't have any.Regular expressions seem to be taking a left turn for me today and I was hoping to some clarity.I'm building statements dynamically in a Mapper Snap (437patches26643) and want to remo...

Don by New Contributor
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Receiving Kafka Acknowledgement Time out

Hi Community!! Greeting!!We are trying to Read data from a Kafka consumer snap and are using a child pipeline (We are using Pipeline Execute) to write data into a zip folder. The pipeline is erroring with "SnapDataException: Timed out waiting for ack...

Resolved! Filter object from array

Hello, I need to filter out an object from the distributionCenterSpecificData array where countryCodes array is empty.input payload:[{            "rpn": "ABCD",            "gpn": "G12345",            "productName": "CATHETER",            "productDesc...

Max by New Contributor II
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SFTP Connection and Encryption Algorithms

After the August 2023 upgrade, our SFTP connections started failing due to the deprecation of some default signature protocols. I believe this happened with the 4.33 GA release. To get around this issue, we updated our snaplex node properties to incl...

alex_panganiban_0-1718295327418.png alex_panganiban_1-1718295429838.png

processing 1000k csv data

I have a requirement need to process 1000k records from sldb(.csv) file and process it parallelly using pipeline execute and push the 1000k records to the target system by preparing CSV file in snap logic and sending that file to the target system.Ch...

satya by New Contributor
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Resolved! Structuring the Data receiving from the Union snap

Hi all,Can anyone help me to figure out how can I format the data in more structural manner?Input Data:[  {    "account_name": "Prajwal",    "Name": "Jhonson Inc.",    "OwnerId": "0052w00000BUhAGAA1",    "StageName": "Negotiation/Review",    "CloseDa...

Prajwal by New Contributor II
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