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Hello folks,Does anybody have experience with the snap "SAP HANA - Execute" to collect data directly from SAP tables based on a request ?What's your recommendations/best practices to get the best performances ?Regards.

File Reader doesn't always return the entire file

Hello, I have a simple pipeline where the first snap is a File Reader.  It should read a ~3.3M file using SFTP.  Sometimes it reads the entire file, and other times it partially reads the file.  I ran the pipeline twice three minutes apart.  The firs...

plancor by New Contributor
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ELT Execute query execution flow

We have created few pipeline where we are using ELT execute to run multiple DML queries to Snowflake. Our initial assumption was that if we give multiple queries in the ELT execute snap , they will run one by one and will be queued until previous que...

sainig by New Contributor
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