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Signed Up for Trial, Now Can't Log In with SSO

New Contributor II

I signed up for the trial with for training. Two days ago I was granted access to our corporate development environment. When I attempt to connect via SSO, error “SSO login cannot be used for users that are members of orgs that have different identify providers”. I called the support line, which required two calls because the line was so bad. I was instructed to email, which I did yesterday. Resent the email this morning as there has yet to be a response. Attempting to use SnapLogic has become very painful. How do I get this issue resolved?


Admin Admin


Apologies for the confusion. The trial has its own support mechanism (; the Support team usually forwards these requests to Trial Support.

You have been removed from the trial org.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor

I have the same issue, did removing from trial org resolved an issue?



Being removed from the Trial org should resolve the issue as long as that was the only other non-SSO org where the user's account existed. You can contact to be removed from the Trial org so access to your company org will work.