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PostgreSQL Bulk Upload

Is there a way to remove the PRIMARY_KEY from insert query getting triggered from PostgreSQL Bulk Load Snap.Issue is when the Snaplogic trying to insert data into postgreSQL the PRIMARY_COLUMN is going as NULL which is causing while inserting record ...

manojchit by New Contributor
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SFTP errors

FYI I was getting errors with pipelines using a directory browser with a basic auth account for SFTP. After doing some testing and verifying the authentication details I ended up rolling back the Binary Snap Pack version to Main19844. Problem was res...

chris_king by New Contributor II
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Reading data from HTML Table

Hi Guys , I am trying to read a data from an HTML table. Used REST API to connect to the webpage and able to get the response. However parsing the table is really challenging. I tried the XML parser , mapper( html.decode ) , java script , JSON parser...

Resolved! SOAP Customize Envelope

Do you have a sample for soap execute>customized envelope> foreach Function? What’s the language we should use in customized envelope?

sdeng by New Contributor II
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Mapper Snap - Preparing fixed width text datafile

I use a Generic JDBC Execute Snap to run a SQL query which fetches multiple column data and few of them are NUMERIC. The output from this SQL query is an input to the mapper and the mapper is being used to create fixed width text datafile. When I try...

budhan by New Contributor
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SAP Logical System Setup for outbound IDOC

I need to know how to setup the partner profile in WE20 for outbound IDOCs in order to use the IDOC listener. I have everything else working connectivity wise. I just need the the partner profile setup. Anybody done this?

walkermic by New Contributor III
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