Community: Badges

Did you know we have badges within the Community? It hasn’t always been the most obvious thing in this site, but we’re working to improve that.

Badges serve as recognition for milestones individual contributors reach within the Community. To see the list of badges available, select Badges from the hamburger menu in the upper right.

Click on the individual title to see how it’s achieved and who currently has that badge. Most came default with the platform, but we’re looking to expand this list. If you have ideas for badges, list them below.

To see which badges you’ve earned, click on your avatar to get to your profile, then go to Badges tab.

To highlight how awesome you all are to the Community, we added a plugin that displays certain badges next to your name in a post.

Right now it is displaying First Year Top Contributors, Enthusiasts (visited 10 consecutive days), and New User of the Month (outstanding contributions in their first month). You can mouse over the icon to see what the badge is. The list will change over time as more are added and better icons replace existing one.