Community: How we use tags

Tags are used in this platform to help supply keywords for searches and filters. We encourage the use of tags to capture the details of your topic, such as product area or specific Snaps. Tags always end up in lowercase, with spaces replaced by underscores. You can see the list of tags in use by selecting Tags from the hamburger menu in the upper right.

Suggested Tags

  • Snap names
  • Features or Functions: pipeline, manager, etc.
  • showcase: use when you want to share a pipeline you built

Reserved Tags

The following tags are for use with specific topic types:

  • pattern: This is only to be used by SnapLogic for the pipelines that SnapLogic has vetted and incorporated into the SnapLogic Cloud Pattern Catalog.
  • sample_pipeline: This should be used if a pipeline is included in a post.
  • release: This is used for the quarterly release announcement
  • community_info: Topics that explain how our Community works. Reserved for the Community Manager.
  • blog, article, interview: used within the Blogs category to clarify type of content posted.

Product Update Tags

The following tags are reserved for use by SnapLogic for product update posts:

  • coming_soon: this feature is likely to be delivered within the next few releases
  • rolling_out: this status is available for testing on the user acceptance test (UAT) system
  • launched: this product is now available on production
  • postponed: something has interrupted the planned delivery of this feature
  • deprecated: this feature is slated for removal from the product.

Note: This post may be updated over time as the Community grows and additional tags need to be reserved.