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Resolved! Create Expression Library from Excel data

I have a couple situations where there are lists of values that will need to be referenced and those lists will change in different runs of the pipelines. Since they will change, updating mappers or conditionals doesn't seem ideal, so am thinking tha...

pavia by New Contributor II
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Formatting CSV data for XML output

First time trying to format into XML with SnapLogic. I have CSV data that I am trying to convert into XML. There are repeating elements, possibly multiple, in the schema. I've pared down the schema and file to work with here. My actual schema contain...

pavia by New Contributor II
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SAP EXECUTE snap returning blank output

HelloI am new to SnapLogic and trying to develop a pipeline that reads data from SAP BW with a BAPI call and loads into a database. Currently I am facing issues as SAP BW EXECUTE snap is not returning anything in output.This is the snap configuration...


Receiving Kafka Acknowledgement Time out

Hi Community!! Greeting!!We are trying to Read data from a Kafka consumer snap and are using a child pipeline (We are using Pipeline Execute) to write data into a zip folder. The pipeline is erroring with "SnapDataException: Timed out waiting for ack...

SnapLogic and ISO 20022

Hi there, has someone implemented ISO 20022 compliant pipelines in SnapLogic before? Please share your experiences. Any other reference is appreciated. en.wikipedia.org ISO 20022 ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic da...

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