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Rest GET Pagination Issue

I am trying to read documents for REST GET snap and for specific ID i am having 918 records and I am only able to access starting 100 record and am not able to traverse next records. Sample response: HAS NEXT and NEXT URL :$entity.pageInfo.totalCount...

rahulkalyanwat_0-1693818719823.png rahulkalyanwat_1-1693818761217.png

Signed Up for Trial, Now Can't Log In with SSO

I signed up for the trial with for training. Two days ago I was granted access to our corporate development environment. When I attempt to connect via SSO, error “SSO login cannot be used for users that are members of orgs that have different identif...

Barbara by New Contributor II
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Delete a trial account: as SSO failing

Hello All, How can I delete a trial account ? I have created a trail account , then we got added to our companies SSO. I am using my business email for my trail , so when try to login using SSO , it gives error “SSO login cannot be used used for user...

sayeef by New Contributor
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