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Ultra tasks in Trial account

Hello! I have created an Ultra task on my trial account but when I call it doesn't give back a response and goes into timeout. I have tried calling it from a pipeline and postman.Are there any limitations for the trial account or am I missing somethi...

How to read data from a Json file with same field name

Hi All,I am new to snaplogic.I've got this json output from Google Directory where the phone and fax number has field as value.I've got two fields in DB to get both the values of phone and fax.  "phones":[{"value":"08 8344 1867""type":"work"}{"value"...

Signed Up for Trial, Now Can't Log In with SSO

I signed up for the trial with for training. Two days ago I was granted access to our corporate development environment. When I attempt to connect via SSO, error “SSO login cannot be used for users that are members of orgs that have different identif...

Barbara by New Contributor II
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Delete a trial account: as SSO failing

Hello All, How can I delete a trial account ? I have created a trail account , then we got added to our companies SSO. I am using my business email for my trail , so when try to login using SSO , it gives error “SSO login cannot be used used for user...

sayeef by New Contributor
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Unable to connect. Please try again later

I am unable to log in to my trial version and it’s work fine last week but this week is getting the error “Unable to connect. Please try again later”. Can anyone explain what is this means

ssesham by New Contributor
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Is Tableau snaps available in free trial acocunt?

I watched a tutorial of snaplogic in youtube about tableau. I can’t follow because tableau snaps are not visible on my designer. I am using free trial account. Also is there a link for the list of limitations for free trial account user? Appreciate y...

seuser by New Contributor
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