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XML FILE Formatting issue

Hi Snaplogic Community,i have designed a pipeline to create a xml file but while create it, i am getting all content in single line. I want to get proper formatting. Please suggest me  solution for this issue.Below i am attaching the pipeline screens...

SonamPanwar_1-1711389302007.png SonamPanwar_2-1711389389727.png SonamPanwar_3-1711389477114.png

Resolved! Extract or Flatten JSON Array data as columns

Need help in to pulling data from the below JSON and also from the Array (Tags) below.   I also went through the documentation but unable to get to the solution.    "entity":{"totalRecords":20"_links":{"self":"https://HostName/incontactapi/services/v...

GanguP by New Contributor III
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CSV to EAV Schema

Hello Snaplogic Community,I'm currently working on a project where I need to import data from a CSV file into an EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) schema in a Postgres database. I'm looking for advice on best practices for implementing this process, espec...

pgatu by New Contributor
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Resolved! Parse complex file format and generate sequence number

I am trying to parse a file with a complex format.  It hasn't been easy as I am new to Snaplogic.  In the below example, I am trying to combine the four rows.  In order to do that I am thinking to assign the same seqeunce number to the group highligh...

GanguP by New Contributor III
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Upload new Version to SalesForce ContentVersion

I am trying to upload a new version of a file into SalesForce Content version. I read through SF documentation and it says all you need is:1. ContentDocumentId2. ReasonForChange3. PathOnClient (path of the file on the client machine)4. VersionData(pa...

john316swan_1-1698785369905.png john316swan_0-1698785345133.png

How to pass parameter to the API from a list

Hi All,I have an API which returns data for all traning courses for the staff.I need to pass the facility Id as a parameter to get the response for each location.

Handle schema validation

Does snaplogic have a method to validate JSON schema or we can use Data validator snap to validate json path. But the json file is huge so need some advice to handle json schema validation 

Rudhiran by New Contributor
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