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API Pagination entirely within the entity body json

I have an API I need to call where the pagination is housed entirely within the request entity and not in the URL/parameters.E.g. Page 1 would look like:{"recordsPerPage": 100, "currentPage": 1, "deltaTimestamp": <yesterday>, "startTimestamp": ""}and...

jongrif by New Contributor
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CSV to Workday Tenant

Submitted by @stodoroska from Interworks This pipeline reads a CSV file, parses the content, then the Workday Write Snap is used to call the web service operation Put_Applicant to write the data into a Workday tenant. Configuration If there is no ...

dmiller by Admin
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About the Pipeline Patterns Catalog for IIP category

This section contains a library of sample pipeline patterns created by the SnapLogic team, customers, and partners and available for you within the product. Learn more about using Pipeline Patterns on Are there patterns you would like ...

dmiller by Admin
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Monitor the Health and Performance of Your Integrations

Created by @rsramkoski The following pipeline comes from the Using SnapLogic’s Pipeline Monitoring API video from the blog post 3 tips for working remotely with SnapLogic | SnapLogic Downloads SL_PipelineMonitorAPI.slp (26.4 KB)

Dynamic Data Pivot

Created by @dwhite An example of how to perform a dynamic pivot on data that needs to be pivoted. The traditional Pivot Snap is static and has to be configured per set of data (Ex. in pipeline). This pipeline shows how one can perform a pivot operat...

dwhite by Employee
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Data Orchestration Process with Asynchronous Response

Created by @dwhite A sample pattern one could use to trigger a large data orchestration process with several steps (synchronous and parallel) that has an asynchronous response at the start so the calling process will not wait. Response contains a Sn...

dwhite by Employee
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Active Directory get User Data Endpoint

Created by @dwhite Enter a base DN and an AD username to use LDAP search to find a specific user. Run as a trigger task endpoint or as a child pipeline. Configuration Enter the base dn to look for users in via the “baseDn” parameter. Enter the AD ...

dwhite by Employee
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RabbitMQ Consumer to MySQL

Created by Chris Ward, SnapLogic This pipeline consumes messages from a RabbitMQ queue and writes them to a MySQL Database and acknowledges or rejects the message dependent on the delivery. It could be used for a use case where theres need to stream...

dmiller by Admin
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