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jsonpath in expression library

I would like to use a jsonpath in an expression library, but I am unsure of the syntax with parameters.custfield is a json array of custom field data and fieldname is a stringThis is what I attempted:{customField: (custfield,fieldname) => jsonPath($,...

reuben by New Contributor
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Postgres to parquet writer

I am trying to write data from postgres to parquet. The source has numeric data type which has can values as int, decimal or float. I have mapped numeric type to decimal in parquet but the issue is that it converts int values to decimal as well. ex 1...

Filtering out an Array

Hello Experts, I have input coming in as below:[{"soap:Body": {"@xmlns:soap": "","ns1:searchResponse": {"@xmlns:ns1": "","recordmap": {"record": [{"field": [{"key": "T_FILE_DAT.FILE_TYP...

Resolved! Coupa API GET

hi there, I need to call Coupa API to do a GET but their API only lets me get 50 records at a time, but they have over 7000 records that I need to pull. how can I increament my url

manohar by Contributor
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Pagination for Coupa API GET

Hello,I need to extract all records from several Coupa tables using Coupa API. However Coupa only allows to extract 50 records at a time (Coupa documentation). I tried implementing the solution in this thread (link) for invoices and suppliers table b...

rpc1235x_0-1696285756716.png rpc1235x_1-1696285796297.png
rpc1235x by New Contributor
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