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Activity in Getting the Most Out of the SnapLogic Platform

Jar file download failed : NOT FOUND

Greetings.I'm attempting to perform some operations against a MySQL 8.0.33 server. I created a SnapLogic MySQL database  account, and uploaded mysql-connector-j-8.0.33.jar to the JDBC driver property of the account configuration popup. Pressing the v...

brianm by New Contributor
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Error while executing sequence - NotAcceptableIOException : Not acceptable for testsnap2lsat: { "error_map" : null }

Hi…I’m getting the below error in my sequence on random pipelines. It automatically gets resolved and repeats again, however the child pipelines when executed individually works fine. Does anyone have an idea on this? Any information would be helpful...

Reshma by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to load account definition

Hi Team, I developing custom snap. I am using account type is custom. so now i am written my logic and deployed to snapLogic now i am getting error like below."Unable to load account definition, Reason: Account named "snap" does not exist, Resolution...

maheswara by New Contributor II
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Developing Snaps on Windows via WSL

We recently had a support request received via the support e-mail for snap development and found that the root of the issue (accounts in custom-developed snap packs) was caused by a strange behavior with how Windows (and specifically Windows Subsyste...

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