Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence
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Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence

The Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence is a set of best practices distilled from the experience of SnapLogic architects — customers, partners and employees.

SnapLogic is dedicated to continuously increasing the value our technology delivers to customers over time. Meanwhile, SnapLogic customer architects require a formalized operational framework to guide them from an initial tactical project to true strategic value realization through adoption across multiple roles and departments.

The Sigma Framework delivers a standardized, integrated, holistic, and opinionated set of cross-disciplinary best practices, ready for adoption by customers to support sophisticated enterprise-scale deployments. Different assets in this section are designed for the various phases of a customer journey, addressing different personas and stages of maturity.

By adopting the Sigma Framework, users will be able to extract maximum value from their investment in SnapLogic — both the technology, and the time commitment to develop required skills and competence.

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