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App Integration

Discuss simplifying and automating your business processes with application integration solutions.

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Data Integration

Discuss data integration use cases and solutions from ETL, ELT, reverse ETL, and AutoSync.

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API Management

Discuss creating, managing, and securing your APIs in one platform, SnapLogic APIM.

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Discuss AI/ML with regards to integration, automating repetitive tasks, and data preparation

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SAP idoc listener configuration

I am trying to setup an idoc listener in Snaplogic and was finding it difficult to know the configuration requirements in SAP.Can you please share the details of configurations required in Snaplogic and SAP for the idoc listener?

Rethwik by New Contributor
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How to disable specific key using Mapper snap

I've a problem with disabling a specific key in a room[] array. I've tried many ways but still haven't found any trying to disable in area key in room[] array.My Inputs{"house": {"room": [ {"name": "Bedroom","area": 10}, {"name": "Bathroo...

ELT Execute query execution flow

We have created few pipeline where we are using ELT execute to run multiple DML queries to Snowflake. Our initial assumption was that if we give multiple queries in the ELT execute snap , they will run one by one and will be queued until previous que...

sainig by New Contributor
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Blog: SnowPark integration with SnapLogic.

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) provides an easy way to leverage developer-built, custom user-defined functions (UDFs) for Snowpark. In addition, the Snowflake Snap Pack is used to implement advanced machine learning and data engin...

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