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AI/ML & GenAI Builder

Discuss AI/ML with regards to integration, automating repetitive tasks, and data preparation.

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App Integration

Discuss simplifying and automating your business processes with application integration solutions.

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Data Integration

Discuss data integration use cases and solutions from ETL, ELT, reverse ETL, and AutoSync.

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API Management

Discuss creating, managing, and securing your APIs in one platform, SnapLogic APIM.

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SAP EXECUTE snap returning blank output

HelloI am new to SnapLogic and trying to develop a pipeline that reads data from SAP BW with a BAPI call and loads into a database. Currently I am facing issues as SAP BW EXECUTE snap is not returning anything in output.This is the snap configuration...


Generic Oauth2 with ADFS of organization

Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has experience with having MFA or Generic oauth2 I am trying to do is that when consumers want to acces apis they first need to a...

expose pipeline as API using APIM

Hi All,We want to expose a pipeline using Snaplogic internal APIM by applying oauth2 policyso that any user without access to snaplogic can also trigger that pipeline using the API url. But its not working.PFB the snapshots of error for your referenc...

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implement generic oauth2 using azure

Hi All,Need to implement Generic Oauth2 using azure in Snaplogic APIM. Please can someone help with what exactly needs to be filled in the Outh2 Policy setup. Thank you in advance

Ouath2 policy

Hi All,Need to setup Oauth2 policy but a client credential one using Snpalogic API Management. Please can someone help on how it needs to be done?thank you in advance

Gartner - 10 Best Practices for Scaling Generative AI

I recently came back from Gartner's Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando, Floria.  As expected, GenAI was a big area of focus and interest.  One of the sessions that I attended was "10 best practices for scaling Generative AI." The session highlight...

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EU AI Act - Here's what it means for enterprises

Last week the European Union's passage of a new AI Act. Recognized as one of the strictest AI regulations globally, this development holds significant implications for companies involved in AI, especially in data-intensive sectors like technology, fi...

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