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Merging 2 arrays into single array

I have the below JSON output from a Union (below is just a subset of the results), which combines the output of 2 SOAP calls into the 2 arrays.I'm trying to merge NCTimeTypes array with CHTimeTypes array to create a single array "TimeTypes" that cont...

No Pagination Support on REST Post Snap?

Hi everyone, I am using the REST Get snap and it works beautifully for paginated data requests (using the Has Next boolean field and the Next URL field). I noticed that for some strange reason the REST Post counter-part snap doesn’t have this functio...

kw917 by New Contributor II
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Convert an Array to an Object

I need to convert an array to an object.  this is my array:[  {    "totalMatchingRows": 2,    "pageCount": 1,    "pageSize": 1000,    "pageIndex": null,    "rowsInPage": 2  }] I need to convert it to:{  "totalMatchingRows": 2,  "pageCount": 1,  "page...

KevinFord by New Contributor
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Flatten JSON files into CSV files

Created by @schelluri The pipeline pattern flattens a JSON file, which has multiple objects, and turns it into a CSV file. Configuration Sources: JSON Generator Targets: CSV file Snaps used: JSON Generator, JSON Formatter, JSON Parser, Script, CSV...

Resolved! SQL Insert / SQL Server Execute Snaps

We have a process today that does a SQL insert into a transactional database and returns the ID value for use in later steps.  We have tried the SQL INSERT SNAP and ID is not returned.  Also tried the SQL Server Execute Snap using and INSERT statemen...

KevinFord by New Contributor
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