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jsonpath in expression library

I would like to use a jsonpath in an expression library, but I am unsure of the syntax with parameters.custfield is a json array of custom field data and fieldname is a stringThis is what I attempted:{customField: (custfield,fieldname) => jsonPath($,...

reuben by New Contributor
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Language User Interface (LUI) Patterns in AI

Have you read @jackie's blog "Language User Interface (LUI) Patterns in AI"?  What benefits do you see to natural language interactions in AI? What do you think are the biggest obstacles?

Postgres to parquet writer

I am trying to write data from postgres to parquet. The source has numeric data type which has can values as int, decimal or float. I have mapped numeric type to decimal in parquet but the issue is that it converts int values to decimal as well. ex 1...

Filtering out an Array

Hello Experts, I have input coming in as below:[{"soap:Body": {"@xmlns:soap": "http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap-envelope","ns1:searchResponse": {"@xmlns:ns1": "http://siemens.com/agilews","recordmap": {"record": [{"field": [{"key": "T_FILE_DAT.FILE_TYP...

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