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Import Python modules in Script Snap

I'm building a pipeline that uses a Python Script file stored in SLDB. Lets call it main.py.In main.py I need to import modules from another Script file stored in the same place as main.py.Is this at all possible using the Script snap? I've searched ...

SAP idoc listener configuration

I am trying to setup an idoc listener in Snaplogic and was finding it difficult to know the configuration requirements in SAP.Can you please share the details of configurations required in Snaplogic and SAP for the idoc listener?

Rethwik by New Contributor
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Conditional Snap Run

Hi everyone,I have been experiencing an issue lately where I have a large zip file containing 17 CSV files. I unzip the file and write it into an external stage. After that, I run several procedures on Snowflake using Snowflake Multi Execute.My conce...

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API Pagination entirely within the entity body json

I have an API I need to call where the pagination is housed entirely within the request entity and not in the URL/parameters.E.g. Page 1 would look like:{"recordsPerPage": 100, "currentPage": 1, "deltaTimestamp": <yesterday>, "startTimestamp": ""}and...

jongrif by New Contributor
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Filtering Objects

Hello Experts,I have below Object input containing string values. Can someone please provide expression to get rid of duplicate values?[ { "ack": { "QueueURL": "https://www.google.com", "ReceiptHandle": "12345678", "content": "ABCDEFG" } }, { "ack": ...

File Read/Write From/To NFS

Completely new to SnapLogic.  The file system we have set up is NFS, and we are running on a Cloudplex.  How do I read/write files to/from the NFS system using a Cloudplex?

selpatS20 by New Contributor
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