About the Pattern Submissions category

This category contains information about submitting pipeline patterns for inclusion in the Pipeline Patterns Catalog.

Have a great end-to-end use case? Consider submitting it as a pattern.

For each pattern:

  1. Complete the form at Pipeline Pattern Submission Form
    As part of expanding this section in the Community, we want to topics to have similar content. We’ve asked SnapLogic employees that submitted patterns to provide the following information that we’ll be including in the posts and would suggest using it as a template for anything you might want to submit:
  • The title of the post should be a short summary of the pipeline.
  • Provide a brief description of what the pipeline does (what is the use case?)
  • List the sources and targets and the objects you are working with, such as Salesforce contact, SnapLogic user, etc.
  • List the Snaps used. Since everyone may not have access to all Snap Packs, it’s helpful to let them know up front what they would need to use your pipeline. Only list a Snap once even if you use it multiple times within the pipeline
  • Configuration information/tips and tricks. This could be anything from things you figured out about setting up accounts to alternate ways to address something and why you chose the way you did.
  1. Upload a screenshot of your pipeline and the .slp file to Box. Make sure you strip it of any credentials, company urls, etc (don’t forget to check the pipeline parameters). If it uses an expression library or other necessary file, be sure to include that as well.