Change Data Capture from Workday

This is often a requirement from a variety of Workday customers to extract data within a time range i.e. extract data that was changed 7 days ago or 2 days back or even within the last day.

Classic examples are:

  • Terminations within last 90 days or 30 days
  • New hires for the next 7 days who were entered within the last 7 days
  • All active and only terminations within last pay period or 15 days

It is very easy to accomplish this. Attached is a sample pipeline that extracts worker data whose preferred name changed since last July 2016. Obviously you can parameterize these date ranges and make this a batch job that runs every night or morning.

The most important thing is to understand that Workday provides something called Transaction Log which keeps a track of all transaction changes within workday. Note that Workday keeps changes as part of transactions and every change has an underlying transaction which is basically identified by Transaction Type

Listed below are some things you can refer for easy development of integrations.

WKD_TRANSACTION_LOG.SLP - a simple pipeline that gives changes in preferred names since Jul-2016

Workday Community Documentation Reference:

Listed below is the mapper which tells the workday read snap on what changes to extract

Attached is a sample pipeline.

WKD_Transaction_log.slp (6.6 KB)