Create Key Value Pair instead of List/Array

Expression for Conversation.Text = $[’$ConversationPost.Text’].toString().split("|").map((elem, index) => [elem])

Mapper Output:

The desired output is:
“ConversationPost” : {
“Text”: “comment #2 US142”,
“Text”: “comment #1 US142”,
“Artifact” : “/hierarchicalrequirement/…”

Not sure where did I go wrong.
Is there any possible way to achieve this output?

Hi @flavia.sarah

Please find the attached simple pipeline:

SL_Community_1_2020_11_23.slp (5.0 KB)

Hope that the output from this pipeline, that I have attached is what you are trying to achieve.

Spiro Taleski

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The map() function returns a list of values, the value you are returning, [elem] from the map call, is a list as well. So the resulting value will always be a list of lists with this expression. Also, I noticed your data has duplicate keys. Using the same key will override the previous value stored at that key text, so I would recommend using the unique keys like given in the example by @Spiro_Taleski

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