Editing JSON for CSVParser to add hundreds of headers

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I edited/added the Column Names to CSVParser snap for snaplogic pipeline and when uploaded it as a new file, all of them were empty however those number of fields were added in the snap.

below is how I made chnages to the pipline by opening .slp file in a text editor:

"columnList": {
            "value": [
                "column": {
                  "value": " Number"
                "column": {
                  "value": " Suffix"

This only gives empty headers. Please suggest how could I make changes to JSON file also let me know if there are better ways to write Column Names without having to add them manually?

Hi @anayak

You have a typo in the json file it should be “columns” not “column”, also i don’t know if it’s on purpose but you have extra white space in the names for the columns.


Pero Manchevski

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