Email body of Send email Snap is showing extra headers

I have designed a pipeline which groups the data based on email field and sends the data to child pipeline , the hild pipeline apply XSLT and send the html data to email send snap.

It is working fine the email is sent but the email body contains headers which is content-type and content.
I am not sure from where this data is coming and I want to remove it from the email bosy.

Any idea on how to do that?


Can you please share the pipelines and that xslt schema that you are using, and remove sensitive data if any?

Spiro Taleski

@Spiro_Taleski I am using the pipeline as suggested

And the XSLT schema is :
XSLT_Transformation (1) (2).txt (1.0 KB)

thank you!


Can you please attach the pipelines(.slp files. Export pipelines from SnapLogic and attach here in the post). And also, sample data that you are using?

Spiro Taleski

Hi Spiro,

Attached is the parents pipeline
Send email after FIle read parent_2021_08_30.slp (8.4 KB)

Child pipeline
Child pipeline for parents_2021_08_30.slp (10.8 KB)

Sample data
Not able to attach csv so attaching the excel file for the same
workspace_newdate.xlsx (18.2 KB)


Please find the attached child pipeline :

Child pipeline_2021_08_30.slp (10.9 KB)

The XLST will compose the HTML table, so you don’t need to create HTML table in Email Sender Snap. You will need only the content from the XSLT transformation.

Spiro Taleski

It works good.
I only need to toggle the = sign for the html body because sometimes it isn’t used.

Thank you Spiro.