Employee Journey: Scheduled employee data batch update from Oracle into Workday

Created by @rdill

This pipeline pattern is ideal for organizations that require a complete view of their employees. This pattern is used to run a scheduled/periodic update of employee data and information from Oracle into Workday. The pipeline will compare the lists of employees in Oracle and Workday, if there are employees that are found in Oracle but not listed in Workday, then the employee information will be added to Workday.


The table in Oracle needs to contain the necessary data required to execute the Hire Object in Workday

Sources: Oracle database table, employees, Workday Hire Employee
Targets: Workday Service, Staffing, Object, Hire_Employee
Snaps used: Mapper, Oracle Execute, Workday Read, Workday Write, Diff Snap


ORCL Workday Hire Employee.slp (15.9 KB)