How to stop Parent Pipelines

Hi, I want to understand how an error on a child pipeline impacts the parent.
We have a parent pipeline calling a child pipeline with a pool size of 1 so that it processes a series of sql scripts in sequence. I also have an error pipeline which writes the erroneous sql script to a log before passing to an Exit snap which forces the pipeline to terminate.

Both the Parent and Child pipelines reference the same Error pipeline.
What I expect is that if an error occurs in the child pipeline then it will pass to the Error pipeline and exit the child. Furthermore that should result in the parent Pipeline Execute snap receiving an error which throws to the error pipeline and the parent pipeline will exit as well.
So basically, if an error occurs, stop everything.
However what I get is that an error occurs in the child pipeline and it stops, but the parent pipeline continues on as if nothing happened.
How can I get the parent to stop when the child does?

Hello Chris and welcome to the SnapLogic Community! Because you have an error pipeline on the child it is only the child pipeline that will exit. If you remove the error pipeline from the child, then the error will trickle up to the parent to be handled by the parent error pipeline which should cause the parent pipeline to exit.

Thanks, that helped to solve the problem.:grinning: