JIRA Search to Email Pattern

This pattern queries JIRA for items submitted within the last day (at the time the pipeline is run) and within the specified projects, then sends out an email. It also uses the routing trick described in Performing an Action when there is no data to send an alternate email if nothing was reported.

Source: JIRA issue
Target: email
Snaps used: JIRA Search, Mapper, Sort, Join, Sequence, Router, Email Sender

You will need accounts for JIRA and the Email Senders.

Set the following pipeline parameters:

  • emailTo: who will receive the email
  • emailFrom: who is sending the email
  • JIRAurl: the url for you instance of JIRA, for example “https://company.atlassian.net
  • projects: the JIRA projects you want to query as part of the JQL query in the JIRA Search Snap. The query is set up to search multiple projects (for example, “projects in (ABC,DEF,GHI)” ) Refer to JIRA’s Advanced Searching documentation if you wish to change this query.

The information sent in the email includes: Key (sent to be a link to the issue in JIRA), Issue Type, Title, Priority, Submitter, Status, and Assignee.