JSON value split by comma

Hi, I’m trying to split the value “ConfigValue” string in the following JSON :

PipelineID: 25
PipelineName: “CashValue_Main”
ConfigValue:“1218, 1217”

Into a JSON document like this:
“YearEnd”: 1218
“YearEnd”: 1217*

What’s the best process that I can use to do this? JSON Splitter or Mapper, or a combination of both?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is fairly easy, first use a mapper to split your ConfigValue field: $ConfigValue.split(","), and then use the JSONSplitter to split out into multiple documents:

I attach an export of the pipeline.
SplitField_2019_09_03.slp (8.1 KB)

Thanks alot @cstewart ! It works as I needed!