Lead added/updated in Marketo creates record in Google Sheets

Created by @mthammareddy

This pattern creates a lead in Marketo, then SnapLogic adds the lead into Google Sheets as a new row.


You will need to define the following pipeline parameters:

  • authorization, in the form of Bearer xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx:xx
  • endpoint, in the form of https://xxx-xxx-xxx.mktorest.com
  • GoogleSheetsName, the name of the Google Sheet to write to
  • sheetName, the name of the individual worksheet to write to within that Google Sheet
  • Then you need to pass the user details with the parameters first, last, email, title, company, and country.

The initial Mapper contains data to create a user. You can either replace these values every time or define pipeline parameters to pass the values in.

Sources: Mapper
Targets: Marketo Lead, Google Sheet
Snaps used: REST Post, Mapper, Worksheet Writer, JSON Generator, Copy, JSON Splitter, Sequence, Join


Marketo_Lead_Created_Updated_GoogleSheets.slp (19.7 KB)