Read data from Salesforce, transform the data, then load it into NetSuite and Reltio

Created by @sreddi

This pipeline pattern reads data from Salesforce, transforms the data, and loads data into multiple targets like NetSuite and Reltio.


Users can adjust which endpoints to upload the data into by replacing the NetSuite and Reltio Snaps with the preferred application.

Salesforce Read

Mapper Snap


NetSuite Create


Reltio Create


Sources: Salesforce Opportunity
Targets: NetSuite - Salesorder, Reltio - entities
Snaps used: Salesforce Read, Mapper, NetSuite Create, Copy, JSON Formatter, File Writer, Reltio Create


Reading Data from Salesforce and write into NetSuite and Reltio Snaps.slp (12.5 KB)