Sync leads from Salesforce to Marketo

Created by @mthammareddy

For a new lead created in Salesforce, SnapLogic searches for a matching lead in Marketo by email address. If a matching lead is not found in Marketo, SnapLogic creates a new lead.


Specify your access token and endpoint URL in the Pipeline Parameters.

The initial Mapper contains and expression to lookup a particular user. You can either replace the ID value every time or define pipeline parameters to pass the value in and change the expression to:

"Id='" +_SFDC_ID + "'"

where SFDC_ID is the name of the pipeline parameter.

Sources: Salesforce Lead
Targets: Marketo Lead
Snaps used: REST Post, Mapper, Salesforce Read, JSON Generator, Join, Pipeline Execute


Sync_Leads_from_Salesforce_to_Marketo.slp (11.5 KB)

Note: This pattern also uses the pattern to get the Marketo access token found here: Get Marketo Access Token