Updating custom snap pack projects for the November 2021 (4.27) release

We recommend updating custom snap packs after every quarterly release of the SnapLogic platform. Here are the key updates for the latest release.

Update SnapLogic artifact version numbers

In pom.xml, update these two properties:

<snaplogic.platform.version>4.27.10704</snaplogic.platform.version> <snaplogic.snaps.version>4.27.12971</snaplogic.snaps.version>

Update thirdparty repository URL

The thirdparty repository URL has changed. Please change the URL in pom.xml and settings.xml as follows:

Old URL: http://maven.clouddev.snaplogic.com:8080/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty

New URL: https://snaplogiceng.jfrog.io/artifactory/thirdparty

For more information

See Updating Custom Snap Packs on developer.snaplogic.com.

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