Using the power of data introspection and SnapLogic's Amazon S3 Snap to access your data!

We believe in a simple, click not code approach to integration. In this video, you can see how simple it is to access your data from amazon S3 buckets. Let me know what you think!

Hi Ajain,

I am trying access data lying in IAM Role’s S3 bucket. When i pass Access ID and Secret Key. Its throwing a error
Can please help me out how to access S3 bucket from IAM role or IAM user?

Error log:-
Failure: Cannot find S3 file: s3://mybucketname/data.csv, Reason: The specified bucket does not exist (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: NoSuchBucket; Request ID: 1D516FE5835DE551),
Extended request ID: JCONk3oV2OZzzEuvyGekgpULJIpkaD2gLUrCDDvIlDlgJE=, Resolution: Check for valid URL, AWS credential and permission.

I have validated the AWS credentials using AWSCLI Its working. But in snaplogic, am facing issue



S3 paths require three slashes, s3:///mybucketname/data.csv


Sorry i misspelled it. I have used three /// but still not luck

Hi Venkat I would recommend filing a case with our support team - If you are an authorized user, simply email to auto-create a ticket.
It seems that the error you’re seeing indicates the bucket with that name is not present.

Hi Ajain,

I have bucket under “ABC Role” account, I login into my account then I switch the role to “ABC role”. In aws account.


I see - at this point it would be best if we can have a support member get access to this pipeline and then review + set up a call with you to investigate further. Please file a ticket by emailing or visiting zendesk.

Thank You

Things I’ve found out when using the IAM role, thanks to SnapLogic documentation:

‘If enabled, IAM role stored in the EC2 instance is used to access S3 bucket. Access-key ID and Secret key are required to be empty if this property is selected.
The List, Read and Write permissions are required as per the attached S3 policy for the IAM role stored on the EC2 instance.
This property is valid only in EC2-type Groundplex. In the groundplex, the following line should be added to and restart jcc : jcc.jvm_options = -DIAM_CREDENTIAL_FOR_S3=TRUE’

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