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A Love Letter to IT: We Still Love You (Even in the Age of GenAI)


As IT professionals, we are witnessing a transformative era in technology with the rise of generative AI (GenAI). There has been significant analysis and understandable concern about the impact of these advancements on our roles, but I believe that it's essential to view this as an opportunity rather than a threat.

In a recent blog post, I write a love letter to IT, yes, even in the age of AI.

While there are concerns and misconceptions surrounding AI, it's vital to recognize that GenAI is more about evolution than replacement. The continued cycle of innovation will augment our job roles creating new needs, eliminating some work, and broadly making them more efficient and aligned with the changing technological landscape.

Head over to the blog to see why I suggest viewing GenAI as a potential partner rather than a competitor. The future lies in our hands, and there is an unprecedented opportunity for IT teams to lead GenAI initiatives, delivering on the promise of information and imagination at work.

Check it out!

I'd love to hear your feedback and explore implications or impacts that I may have missed.


Jeremiah Stone
CTO | SnapLogic