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NEW CI/CD Capabilities with APIM - Git Integration! July 2023 Release


You can now create APIs from Git repositories and treat your API Versions as Git assets. When your Org is integrated with Git, you can access the same set of functionalities for APIM version assets, and the Version is treated as the Project folder. This support does not extend to API Proxies.

Video here:

  • Repository: Select the Git repository from the dropdown list.
  • Branches/Tags: Choose an existing branch or create a new branch:
    • Select the Branch or Tag to associate with your API.
    • (Optional) Enter a name to create a new branch from main.
    • Click Continue.
  • In Create New API - Details, specify the details for the new API.
    • Endpoint Configuration » Path to Endpoint. (Read-only) The base path for the endpoint.
    • Server Configuration » Snaplex. The Snaplex to associate with the new API.
  • Click Create.
  • Navigate to the Assets tab of the API version to view the Git repository associated with the API version assets.