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NetSuite: Two Factor Authentication

Admin Admin

NetSuite is enforcing customers to use two factor authentication (2FA) for credentials based account and advises that all web based integrations transition to Token Based Authentication (TBA). NetSuite will mandate 2FA for credentials based access using highly privileged roles starting April 8th 2019.

We would like to notify you to switch from “NetSuite Credential Account” to “NetSuite Token Account” by April 8th 2019 so all SnapLogic pipelines continue to work with no disruptions.

Additional info from NetSuite: In your integrations, you might need to use certain functions that require an Administrator role. Two– Factor Authentication (2FA) for Administrator roles will be enforced for all existing accounts in 2018.2. In past releases, you could not use TBA tokens for integrations that required an Administrator role. The 2018.1 release introduced support for TBA for Administrators. Using an Administrator role with a TBA token ensures your integrations will continue to work after the upgrade to 2018.2. We recommend that you transition integrations that require an Administrator role to use TBA rather than user credentials.

Diane Miller
Community Manager