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API for task scheduling

New Contributor

we have a need here where we need to allow a task schedule change from external application, does snaplogic supports such requests ? is there any API available to change the task schedule ?

Mostly schedule change will encompass following -

  • task schedule date time change
  • task enable / disable
  • define new task with schedule for deployed pipeline

Any help is much appreciated here…


New Contributor

any response much appreciated here …

Admin Admin

I’m looking to see if there are any requests submitted already for this.

You can enable/disable tasks using the metadata Snaps though as shown in the pattern Enable or disable a task.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

thanks for enable / disable functionality but scheduling using api is our main deliverable here.

Former Employee

The SnapLogic Metadata Snap pack provides the ability to manipulate the defined tasks, including enabling/disabling, changing the schedule, and even creating new.
Build your pipelines to do the functions you want using the Metadata Snaps and turn them into APIs by creating triggered tasks.