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CSV Formatter not allowing ISO-LATIN-1

New Contributor

I am unable to set a CSV Formatter snap to use ISO-LATIN-1 character encoding. All other options from the "Character set" drop-down list work without problem, but choosing ISO-LATIN-1 makes the snap fail with the following error:

Failure: ISO-LATIN-1, Reason: Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason

Changing other parameters of the CSV Formatter doesn't seem to help, although I haven't tried every single possible combination. The error doesn't seem to be caused by the input document, any simple non-empty input created with a CSV Generator snap before the CSV Formatter still causes the error.

Are we missing something in our SnapLogic environment related to the ISO-LATIN-1 format?


New Contributor

As a workaround, I set the CSV Formatter to UTF-8 and followed it with a Transcoder snap set with input character set UTF-8 and output character set ISO-8859-16.

While this works in most cases, some characters that are valid UTF-8 (such as Swedish letters 'å' and 'Å') make the pipeline fail with error "Failed to transcode from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-16", "The character set in the input data may not be UTF-8".

This really looks like a SnapLogic bug, since the CSV Formatter is set to output UTF-8 directly into the Transcoder input.