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HBase Integration

New Contributor

Are there any plans to provide snaps which support interaction with HBase?



Hi Scott,

We have seen some interest in interacting with HBase although we do not have any immediate committed plans to add this snap. Could you provide a little more detail around your environment (i.e. what Hadoop distro and version are you using, do you use authentication/encryption, etc) and use case to help us better prioritize this?

Hi Mark,

We are currently using CDH 5.13.1. No HBase encryption but we are using Kerberos.

The use case is that we currently have some content sets in Hadoop that we want to process
via a SnapLogic pipeline in the cloud. It may be awhile before these content sets migrate
to the cloud and we were thinking about running a SnapLogic pipeline on the ground which
would move the data to the cloud (S3) for further processing.

I believe an HBase snap was previously offered but is no longer available. Just curious about
why it’s no longer provided.

Thanks Mark.