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Merging data from multiple endpoint into a singular data table

New Contributor

Wondering if anyone here can help out with a project I’m working on. I’m currently trying to automate the onboarding/offboarding process through API using SnapLogic and am curious about how I can merge data from multiple endpoints into a single dataset to be used downstream. Very new when it comes to API and SnapLogic so go easy on me lol. Below is a snapshot of the pipeline I’ve created thus far. The data needs to be mapped using employeeId as a primary key that can be found in each one of the endpoints. My goal is to have this in a singular view where I can go in and update the mapping as required to include additional data fields should additional projects require; then to push data from that single-view into additional applications.



Contributor III

Hello @ian.wheeler,

You can achieve that by using the Join snap as you have in the screenshot, but I would suggest to sort the documents after all of the JSON Splitter by employeeId since we are going to be joining on that field.
Join Snap settings.

Please refer to Join Snap Documentation for more information.

Let me know if this helps you.


New Contributor

Thank you for your assistance @Aleksandar. It appears to have worked but I’m having trouble using the JSON Parser snap after the join to parse the data into a single table view. However, it’s saying in the JSON Path field “no schema available.” Is there another snap I should be using to instead of join or the json splitter here in order to consolidate the data from the endpoints?