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Rest GET Snap - Issue with passing special character through Next URL

New Contributor

I have a rest API that doesn't return links for paging.  In order to get the paging to work, I have to increment the page number until the API returns empty.  By itself, the paging works great.

The issue comes in when I add in the query parameter.  I need to pull records that have a dateTimeChanged in the past 90 days.  I've set up the query parameter and it works great on its own, however, the snap doesn't automatically pass the query parameter to the Next URL field.  I've tried to add the expression for the dateTimeChanged query parameter to the Next URL, but when I do that, it gives an error stating that there is an invalid character where the ">" character is.  If I copy and paste the url from the error message to Postman, the url is valid and returns results.  It seems like the snap itself is flagging this character as invalid.  Does anyone know how I can get around this?





New Contributor III


Try with encapsulating whole URL string with encodeURIComponent() function or simply replace '>' with '%3E'.


Pero M.