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Secret Management by Hashicrop

New Contributor II

Hello Team,

Greetings!. We are working on a POC of using Hashicrop vault to keep confidential secrets at Vault and retrieve data from Vault to Snap.

In that, Vault secret data can be retrieved from Snap through Dynamic expression of key word called “”

While using I am getting below error, Could you please help, does the keyword need any Snaplogic subscriptions?/

Looking for your help and support please!

Failure: Password: secrets is undefined. Perhaps you meant: Base64, parseFloat, parseInt, Reason: Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason, Resolution: Check the spelling of the variable

Ref Link:



Hi! Great to hear you are working on a POC for Hashicorp Vault. This is a subscription feature. I’ll let your CSM know so they can activate it in a sandbox org for testing. If you have any questions once you start feel free to reply here. Thanks!

New Contributor II

Thanks for your quick reply. We will check with our CSM regarding this. Sure, will keep you posted if any further queries on this.

Thank again for your support and timely help 🙂