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Snaplogic: Integration with Selenium

New Contributor III


I need to access a file from a SFTP application that doesn’t allow read access to the Directory Browser snap. (This is by design) Vendor is Amex (less than helpful is the polite way to say it)

The URL to the file also changes per run. So I can’t really calculate the value.

I was thinking that Selenium might be a solution but curious if anyone had used it with the Script Snap?

Love to hear about it!



Haven’t tried selenium in a script snap. Can you brief your case in more detail, Directory Browser snap should be working provided the necessary permissions are available to the user.

New Contributor III

This is not a standard SFTP Website and I have the following issues:

  • They don’t allow the directory to be read using the directory browser snap. Thus I can’t get a list of files to download.

  • Also the path changes with each file loaded. Ex https://somewebsite/1/201/20191001051406_download_file.txt (in this case the 201 might be 401 tomorrow)

  • The last thing is the file is timestamped. See example above.

I am afraid without the browser snap I may be stuck so just looking for options.