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Not Updating Custom snap

New Contributor

Hi Team,


I have created custom snap and deployed successfully. Now i have changed code for that snap again deployed. but still its showing previous code only.

if any one have solution for this please help me.


New Contributor

Hi @maheswara

I believe that you have overcome this issue until now, but this is usually a common mistake when developing custom snaps. 

The main issue in most cases is that the version of the build of the Snappack is not increased.

You can use the following:

>mvn  clean install -Dsl_build=new_version 


Chenge the value in the sl_build tag in the pom file and use >mvn clean install

Then remove the old version of the Snappack from SnapLogic. (Manager->Location where the snapplex is uploaded->)
Upload the new version of the Snappack (.zip file) (Manager->Location where the snapplex want to be uploaded).

Go to Designer and refresh the page. In the Snap "Info" tab you should see the new version (Class FQID field)

Kind Regards, 

Hi @bojan_manchev,

Thanks for your answer. Yes I am doing same thing but it's updating  some times only with which I have updated and deployed.

New Contributor

Hi @maheswara,  

I assume those are rare cases when that issue occurs. Usually when I develop and have new version, I just adjust the version of the sl_build and also <version> tag in the pom file (I usually do the changes in the pom file, it is better for code versioning).

Kind regards,