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Enter SnapGPT Contest

For this contest, we want to see what you've done with SnapGPT.

  • Your Most Innovative Prompt could be for a resulting pipeline that is not typically within your usual SnapLogic activity or something outside of the usual business process use cases.
  • Your Most Useful Pipeline created from a SnapGPT prompt could be something that has made your day-to-day work easier.
  • Your Most Advanced Pipeline created from a SnapGPT prompt likely has multiple inputs/outputs, splits/joins/transforms data.

    The submission must include:

  • The prompt submitted to SnapGPT.
  • A description of the pipeline created, including a screenshot of the pipeline, or the resulting text response if the prompt is a request for information. The description should include any changes you made to the pipeline after it was first generated.

    Go to the Entries tab to submit.

  • Contest Rules

  • This contest is open to any Integration Nation member that is not a SnapLogic Employee. Member must have access to SnapGPT.
  • Entries are limited to one per person total across all categories.
  • Only nominations in the English language will be accepted.
  • Judges will determine which category a submission should be considered under. A category must have at least three submissions in order to be judged; less than three entries and the category is considered void.
  • SnapLogic reserves the right to change or cancel an award category at any time and make other adjustments as needed to accommodate particular circumstances
  • SnapLogic reserves the right to change the rules & terms at any time. SnapLogic makes no representations or warranties regarding the contest or its rules and disclaims all implied warranties. SnapLogic undertakes no obligations of its performance or processing of entries other than as specifically stated herein and contestants must comply with all the stated conditions
  • The judging team will be made up of members from across SnapLogic. Judges will not be informed as to the identity of the individual submitters.