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How much Load can SnapLogic handle?

I understand that SnapLogic is not perceived as a typical Migration tool for one time migration (i.e. an ETL tool) but more as an integration tool (iPaaS) for Integrations. Is that true ? If not, can SnapLogic be used for One time Migration and how m...

Recycle Bin

I’m reading that items are only stored in the Recycle Bin for 30 days in the SL online documentation. I see items much older than 30 days in our org. Is there a setting for this somewhere I’m not seeing? Why would I be seeing deleted items older than...

chmurray88 by New Contributor II
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Response time

Hi, Triggered task pipeline is getting delayed 4-5 seconds and sometime it is giving response is quickly. We don’t have ultra task option in our system. Can someone explain where the delay is ? Moreover this is just hello world message fromsnaplogic...

How to access error view document

Normally with our pipelines, if there is an error, we feed the error view document into an email, or a Jira object We have had a third party create a pipeline recently, and they have not done this We have had an error over night, and this is telling ...

RoyB by New Contributor III
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